Vital statistics
Title The Blader of Eternity, Ascended One
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Blader of Eternity
Health Well
Level 250
Status Current Head
Zeus (ゼウス) is a Galactic Blader and the owner of Holy Knight H:D, and Deathly Fighter N:M, when he was a Blader, he was a excellent trainer. Now, he is in the heavens and astral planes after overdoing an ability with his Beys.


When Zeus was a human, he was weak, but after he held 2 special beys, he became overpowered, and he ascended to the heavens after overdoing an ability.


Zeus wears a plain white robe with a collar in an upper position and black pants. He wears a brown belt to which holds his launcher and a bey case on. He wears white gloves which go midway up his arms. He also seems to wear black boots. His hair color is greyish-white and his eyes are a light shade of blue. His robe seems to turn purple and black when he's in his dark form.


Zero Kurisutaru - A best friend

Sun Blaze - Rejected trainee (Now apprentice, and best friend)

Alex Dragneel - A great rival


  • Holy Knight H:D (Holy Overdrive)
  • Deathly Fighter N:M (Dark Overdrive)