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  • I was born on August 28
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  • The Legend Bladers


    December 1, 2015 by The Legend Bladers

    Hello everyone! (I hope there are still some people here...) I, "The Legend Bladers" a.k.a Legend, will be here in this wiki to edit and categorize some pages from time to time. I am also maintaning this wiki from any troubles. I hope everyone would come back to this wiki and make it lively again like three years ago. Well, that's all from me for this blog, so bye! :D


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  • The Legend Bladers

    Asian Fanon Wiki has been inactive for the last few months, since then, Operation:Reboot, will take place due to the conditions;

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  • The Legend Bladers

    The Future

    October 16, 2013 by The Legend Bladers

    Hello! This is Legend here, and I have to say some things.

    I have not been active in this wiki for a while, my reason is that I was retrieving my account after inactiveness, another thing is that, User KyoyabladeX will be promoted as my right-hand man, the last thing, special things will come in the future. Well, Bye!


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  • The Legend Bladers


    June 2, 2013 by The Legend Bladers

    Hey! I just made this blog to talk about the Beys, there is no problem for the dormat, which every Bey is doing it, great, however some Beys has no weaknesses which I am not fond off... Like this, for example, A Dark Bey is immune to Light, that is just impossible, because Light can remove Darkness, well not like Light can ultimately defeat Darkness, but Darkness can overwhelm Light Beys, if Darkness is more powerful, another example, nothing to do with Beys; Fire can evaporate water, if the Fire is bigger than the amount of water, but Water can stop the Fire, if the water is big enough.

    Ok here is a small chart for Dark and Light Beys, about their weaknesses, this is also another example

    Dark Bey ex.: Blackhole Hurculeo A:S:D:

    • 100% means has…

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  • The Legend Bladers

    Match Record

    March 5, 2013 by The Legend Bladers

    The Blog's main purpose is to record matches of beybattles.

    We want to remember great battles, right? So I started this blog to record the beymatches, so you can come to this blog and view to records.


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