Gran Zeus by el grimlock
Ultimate Zeus is a Galactic Blader and he is the owner of Titanium Nemesis X:D and the founder of a few Beys. He represents Jupiter,and he's a Crystali Blader.His is protagonist in Beyblade:Seven Gems .He is in Galaxy Level.His friends are Zero,Sun,Phantom,Ray,Shiji and Kai.He is one of the Bladers of Eternity .His power is Lighting.


After Zero destroyed Diabolos he was seperated from him,suddenly a Ruby came to him and make him into his Ultimate Form.His Bey is only Titanium Nemesis X;D.He was also one of the leaders of the Bladers of Eternity.


Ultimate Zeus wears a plain white robe with a collar in an upper position and black pants. He wears a brown belt to which holds his launcher and a bey case on. He wears white gloves which go midway up his arms. He also seems to wear black boots. His hair color is white and his eyes are a light shade of blue.He usually holds a Lighting Bolt staff in his right hand with a Magical Ruby ring on his middle finger.Ultimate Zeus' wrist have Golden Braclets which symbolizes Wisdom and Power.


He is very serious,and very intelligent but not very kind,Although he make friends with his Brother Zero.He is usually very powerful and he shows pride when he is in power.


Titanium Nemesis X:D

Ultimate Zeus' first Bey no one can destroy easily.Its Bey spirit cannot escape because Ultimate Zeus trapped it in this Bey.

Immortal Reaper C:D

Ultimate Zeus' second Bey,no one can destroy this Bey except Rider Pegasus F:D3,he usually use this Bey when he is in Rage Mode.

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