Ultimate Knight U:D
Dark-Art-Grim Reaper 01DesktopNexus
Beast Name Knight
Type Ultimate
Beast Type Resonance
Ultimate Knight U:D is a Ultimate,Immortal,Eternal,Attack,Defense,Stamina,and Balance-Type
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Dark-Art-Grim Reaper 01DesktopNexus
Bey which is owned by Zeus.No one cannot destroy this Bey.It has 7 modes,there are Ultimate Zeus,Pegasus,Excalibur Knight,Nemesis,Reaper,Ifraid,and Dragon.It is formed when Immortal Reaper C:D,Titanium Nemesis X:D,Excalibur Knight E:D,Universal Dragon L:D,Ultimate Ifraid F:D,Eternal Zeus ES:D,and Rider Pegasus U:D fused together.It can spin Left or Right. 
Level 5


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    Salvatican Knight by GleamingScythe
    Dragon hurlant by rinpoo chuang

The Launcher is an L-R launcher however it is in Golden color made out of Golden Plantinum,and the 3-segment Launcher Holder is made out Black Titanium. It is pulled by string and usually you need to pull the string rapidly to charge up the Bey with a great force and to substain its power level because it has the power of 1,000 strings.

Gran Zeus by el grimlock



  • Total Weight:1.4kg

There are 7 modes in this FaceBolt,there are Nemesis,Reaper,Excalibur Knight,Ifraid,Dragon,Pegasus,and Ultimate Zeus.


  • Weight:200grams

The Face Bolt shows a Dragon which symbolizes the constellation Draco. The design is similar to L-Drago's Destroy's Face Bolt with the difference being a lighter blue hue. It also makes L-Drago show both of its hands to make it look more ferocious. The dragon is also more detailed than the other L-Drago facebolts.


  • Weight:200grams

The Face Bolt depicts "Nemesis". In Greek mythology, Nemesis was the spirit of rebuke against the Gods and was the Goddess of Revenge and Balance. The Face Bolt is quite interesting, in that it uses elements from many Metal Fury Beyblades to form the Face image of Nemesis. It uses the chin of Variares, the right and left eyes of Phantom Orion, the crown of Mercury Anubius (located above the right eye), an eye of Beat Lynx, the arrow on the left eye of Flame Sagittario, a wing of Big Bang Pegasis, a wing of Death Quetzalcoatl, the paw and claws of Fang Leone, the head of L-Drago Destroy, the head of Aquila from Jade Jupiter and Earth Eagle 145WD the head of Blitz Striker, the scythe of Scythe Kronos, the swan from Kreis Cygnus, the mouth of Duo Uranus, and the helmet of Fusion Hades. Also if one were to look closely, the Face Bolt forms a perfect skull shape, with the eye sockets included. The Face Mark is on a purple translucent Face Bolt.The Face Bolt is made out of Steel.


  • Weight:200grams

The Facebolt depicts Reaper, which is short of the GRIM REAPER whom people believe is death itself. The facebolt shows a White Skull with Cloak and a Scythe on side of it. It is printed on a Opaque Black Facebolt.It is made out of Ruby mixed with Dark Amethyst.

FaceBolt:Excalibur Knight

  • Weight:200grams

The Facebolt depicts The Excalibur Knight,the Knight wears Excalibur armor,he also has the Sword of the Spirit in his left hand,the Shield of Faith in his right hand,he wears the Helmet of Salvation on his head,the Breastplate of Righteousness on his chest,he wears the Belt of Truth at his waist,and he wears the shoes of the Gospel of Peace at his feet.


  • Weight:200grams

The Face Bolt depicts "Pegasus", one of the 88 constellations in space. In Greek mythology, Pegasus was a white and divine, winged horse; one of the best known creatures of Greek mythology. Whom, appeared in many stories and as such; was regarded as a legend. The design features the head of Pegasus, appearing white with pupel-less eyes and staring front and center; along with Pegasus' long snout and nose. It also shows Pegasus' two small and pointed ears, with a large "hair" alongside a smaller one, sprouting from it's head in a lightning-bolt-like manner. There are also curved, linear details next to Pegasus' ears; all of which are outlined in red. Next to Pegasus' head, are two characters forming "P" and "S", short for Pegasus. It is White and is printed on a Dark Blue Facebolt.It is made out of Steel.


  • Weight:200grams

The Ifraid Stone Face depicts an Ifrit, the mythical creature Ultimate Knight is based on. The design is the face of an Ifrit looking to the left in a thick bright-red outline. Devil-like horns protrude with a white reptilian-like eye and opening its jaw with a tooth, on its upper jaw. Because of these horns, it looks as if the face could also represent a bird. As the horns curve like wings with a spike on the ifrit's that resembles a bird's face. The design is coloured in a brick-red with white highlights whilst on a semi-translucent dark blue FaecBolt.It is made out of Titanium.

FaceBolt:Ultimate Zeus

  • Weight:200grams

The FaceBolt depicts Zeus,holding his lighting staff and wearing his white robe.Zeus also has golden braclets to reflect lighting from the Bey.It can make the Bey full with electricity and makes the opponent electricuted.

4D Energy Ring

  • Total Weight:2.8kg

The 4D Energy Ring has 5 Rings and 2 Crystal Wheels inside it,the rings are Ultimate Zeus,Pegasus,Excalibur Knight,Nemesis,and Reaper,the Crystal Wheels is Ifraid,and Dragon.


  • Weight:400grams

The Nemesis Energy Ring, like it's Face Bolt and Fusion Wheel, Titanium, uses different characteristics of Metal Fury Beyblades incorporated into it's design. It uses parts of the Uranus, Cygnus, and Jupiter 4D Energy Rings as a whole. It uses the whirlpool-like shape of Uranus, the swan wings of Cygnus opposite of each other, and the spiky thorn-like details of Jupiter. Nemesis also showcases a dragon onto it, swallowing its own tail (just like Oroborus). As a whole, Nemesis is also reminiscent of Aquario; due to their circular shape, and Nemesis' dragon's head and tail resembling Aquario's waves. Nemesis weighs 3.2 grams, which put is on pair with the one of the heaviest Energy Rings for Defense; Bull, Aquario, and Kerbecs (Aquario weighs the same as well) but it is still outclassed by Bull which weighs 3.3 grams. Nemesis is a translucent black in color.The 4D Energy Ring is made out of Purple Titanium.


  • Weight:400grams

The Reaper ring contains Solid metal for Extra Weight. It has Two Scythe-Like Protrusions sticking out of it. It also has innumerable designs on it. The speciality of this Energy Ring is that it is the most detailed yet the most balanced Energy Ring ever made. It is designed to fit only on the Immortal Fusion Wheel.It is made of Obsidan mixed with Onyx.

Ring:Excalibur Knight

  • Weight:400grams

The Excalibur Knight ring contains Special Gold which cause Extra Weight .It has the Sword of the Spirit on the Ring's left side to inflict damage to the opponent,and it has the Shield of Faith on the Ring's right side to defend and protect High Damage from the opponent,if the opponent use High Damage the Shield of Faith will make the Damage has no Affect.


  • Weight:400grams

Pegasus 5 is the most recent version of the Pegasus family of energy rings and like it's ancestors, it is designed in the manner of a Pegasus's wings and head. It is primarily two-sided, with Pegasus's wings, appearing curved in two slots with various edges and gaps, while going into the neck of Pegasus which reaches into Pegasus's horse-like face. It is even more detailed than the Big Bang Pegasus Energy Ring. It is made out of Thick Polycarbonate. It is coloured Dark Blue with White Details.

Ring:Ultimate Zeus

  • Weight:400grams

The Ultimate Zeus ring has 2 lighting sword at the sides of it causing the Bey to spin very fast and "Stadium-Out" Beys.It will absorb the opponent's Bey.It is made out of Gold mixed Excalibur.

Crystal Wheel:Dragon

  • Weight:400grams

The Crystal Frame is made completely out of Sapphire and highly resembles the Lightning L-Drago Energy Ring in that it features three dragon heads going in a circular motion. The Crystal Frame can also be rotated 180 degress just like the previous L-Drago Energy Rings, in order to change between three modes, "Attack Mode", "Smash Mode" and "Absorb Mode".

Crystal Wheel:Ifraid

  • Weight:400grams

Samurai is a semi-translucent dark red that carries a circular design, though with some cuts and gaps on it, as well. Samurai features various square-like designs around and as with all, Samurai has a crystal. This crystal, while in a circular shape, is designed to fit into the hole of the Ifraid Chrome Wheel.It is made out of Fiery Titanium.

4D Fusion Wheel:Ultimate

  • Total Weight:21kg

The Ultimate Wheel is the best fusion wheel for Balnce type Customizations. It has 7 modes- Attack Mode, Stamina Mode, Defense mode,Balance Type, Ultimate mode,Immortal mode and Eternal mode.It has 6 4D Fusion Wheels combined with the Ultimate Wheel to combine them.

4D Fusion Wheel:Titanium

  • Total Weight:3kg

Metal Frame:Titanium

  • Weight:1.5kg

Titanium's Metal Frame is a circular Frame that primarily consists of three heads. These include, the head of Beat Lynx with green/yellow eyes, a design that resembles the smirk of Phantom Orion with blue/purple eyes, and the head of Fang Leone. It does feature some jagged paw-like protrusions around it as well. This might pay somewhat of a homage to the Biblical description of a "Cherub", with the face of a man, a bird and a lion. Yet the stickers of the eyes are extremely flimsy so it falls of easily. Also because of the different parts air force is a little floppy and weight balance distribution is off but it is hard to see it.


  • Weight:1.5kg

Titanium's Core is also a circular Core that also borrows designs from many Metal Fury/4D Beys. They are as follows, a part of Scythe Kronos T125EDS, a part of Blitz Striker 100RSF, a wing design of Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF, a part of Fusion Hades AD145SWD, a part of Flash Sagittario, a part of Variares D:D, a dragon's head/neck of L-Drago Destroy F:S, and a wing design of Big Bang Pegasus F:D. Other than this, the Core does indeed appear bulky and thick.

Titanium's main gimmick is the ability to pair up two of the aforementioned Beyblade designs together in order to form one of the main contact points. Other than this, Titanium has taken a massive makeover compared to it's Prototype, Proto Nemesis.

Just like the rest of the 4D Fusion Wheels, Titanium features a Mode Change. With a total of two Modes, them being "Attack Mode" and "Ultimate Balance Mode". In Attack Mode, Titanium appears just like it's official picture but in Ultimate Balance Mode, Titanium appears to be turned upside-down with the Nemesis 4D Energy Ring being pushed up. Titanium's Metal Frame is also free-spinning in Ultimate Balance Mode.

Performance wise, when Titanium is in Attack Mode, it features high recoil due to it's many Metal Fury Beybladedetails in it's design. While in Ultimate Balance Mode, it's recoil is very low and can hold it's ground against Beys such as Hades Kerbecs BD15DS. Because of S²D and S, as well as Titanium's Metal Frame being free spinning, Diablo's Stamina is quite good but that only occurs when it's in Ultimate Balance Mode, since S²D cannot be used when Titanium is on Attack Mode and since the Metal Frame is only free-spinning in that Mode.[2] But still, many people prefer using Attack Mode because Titanium's attack power is a main way to win a battle, especially against some Stamina type Beyblades such as Phantom Orion B:D. Another reason is if you use Titanium in Ultimate Balance Mode, not just reducing its Attack ability, but also causes Stamina loss when it is knocked by other Beyblades, because of its free spinning Metal Frame. In attack mode, Titanium may have use in smash attack combinations.The 4D Fusion Wheel is made out of Titanium.

Fusion Wheel:Immortal

  • Total Weight:3kg

Metal Frame:Immortal

  • Weight:1.5kg

The Metal frame of Immortal has a unique speciality that no other Metal Frame has. It has a Dark Diamond coating on the inner part of it which gives Immortal Balance and Weight. It is also perfectly rounded


  • Weight:1.5kg

The Core of Immortal is entirely made of Diamond. It can be used with Immortal's Metal Frame for Mode Changes. It spins Left while the other Metal frame spin Right.

4D Fusion Wheel:Excalibur Knight

  • Total Weight:3kg

The Knight 4D Fusion wheel looks like the Guardian Fusion Wheel,however it weighs more than the Guardian 4D Fusion Wheel,it is Golden in color,it can split into 2 wheels Excailbur and Knight to make the opponent lose stamina fast and prevents others from hitting it.This 4D Fuision Wheel when combined with other Cores and Metal Frames the same affect will happen and the Cores and Metal Frames will follow this 4D Fusion Wheel depending which kind of wheel they follow.It is made out of Golden Titanium and when combined it must be put in the middle of other Metal Frame and Cores.

Metal Frame:Excalibur

  • Weight:1.5kg

The Excalibur wheel have Titanium blades on each side to make the opponent lose stamina,it can break the opponent's Bey Wheel when it clashes it so intensely.It spins Left and its made out of Excalibur.


  • Weight:1.5kg

The Knight wheel has shields on each side to prevent the opponent's Bey from attacking it.Sometimes they make the opponent's Bey "Stadium-Out" due to the great amount of force to clash with it intensely.It spins Right while the Metal Frame Excalibur spins Left.It is made out of Plantinum.

4D Wheel:Ultimate

  • Total Weight:3kg

The Ultimate Wheel can destroy and Fusion Wheel except itself and Eternal Universal.It can cause 4 elements to attack the opponent's Bey,the elements are Lighting,Magma,Acid,and Cosmics.It looks like the Death Wheel but it has Blades made out of Titanium.

Fusion Wheel:Rider

  • Total Weight:3kg

Metal Frame Rider's Metal Frame looks much like Guardian's Metal Frame but the wings are even more Detailed.

PC Frame

  • Weight:600grams

Rider's PC Frame looks much like Big Bang's PC Frame but with lot less details.

Dual Rotation Core(DRC)

  • Weight:600grams

The Dual Rotation Core (DRC) of Rider can be used with Rider's Rubber Attachment Frame(RAF) and Crystal Attachment Frame(CAF) for Steal Spin and Dual-Force Smash Attack power. When first launched there seems to be no difference, but when stamina becomes low, the RRC starts spinning to the Left along with the RAF to Steal Spin. The Dual Spin core starts to move to the Right along with the CAF when using Rider Pegasus's Special Move: Dual Destruction Smash.

Rubber Attachment Frame(RAF)

  • Weight:600grams

The Rubber Attachment Frame (RAF) has 3 protrusions entirely made of Rubber that can be pushed inside. It can only be used with the Reverse Rotation Core or the Dual Rotation Core. The Rubber is harder than the Guardian's RAF Rubber for more Spin Equalizing.

Crystal Attachment Frame(CAF)

  • Weight:600grams

The Crystal Attachment Frame (CAF) has a Crystal Rings on which there are 3 Crystal Protrusions. The Crystal's are actually made up of Pure Diamond and is really hard to break. Even if the Crystal Breaks, the remaining part of the Crystal quickly generates the rest of it. It can be used with the Dual Rotation Core only.

Main Core

  • Weight:600grams

The Main Core of Rider has nothing special about it and holds all the other parts of Rider in place.


The Rider Fusion Wheel is an excellent Wheel for attack-type combinations. It has 4 Modes: Attack Mode, Assault Mode, Barrage Mode & Dual Force Smash Attack Mode. It outclasses wheels such as Variares, Beat and Vulcan.

Fusion Wheel:Eternal

  • Total Weight:3kg

Metal Frame:Eternal

  • Weight:1.5kg

The Eternal Metal Frame spins Left and has Titanium Blades on its side,it looks like the Phantom Wheel,it can make the Bey regenerate the rotation of the Bey causing the opponent's Bey to lose power and make it "Stadium-Out".It is made out of Excalibur.


  • Weight:1.5

The Eternal Core spins Right while the Eternal Metal Frame spins has Plantinum shields to protect other Beys from destroying the core.It can cause static electricity and fire,it makes the other Beys lose power.It can "Stadium-Out" Attack-Type Beys.

4D Fusion Wheel:Universal

  • Total Weight:3kg

Metal Frame:Universal

  • Weight:1.5kg

The Universal Metal Frame is made out of the Cosmos,causing supernovas to the opponent's Bey.When the supernova occurs it will make the other Beys lose power.The Universal Frame also consists of Radiation,BioHazards,and Stars.


  • Weight:1.5kg

The Universal Core has blackholes at the sides causing other Beys to slow down their spinning.It also has portal for supergalaxies to hit the opponent's Bey and it will make the whole Bey stop spinning.It looks like the Core Fang.

4D Tips

This Bey has 7 different 4D Tips,there are E:D,C:D,X:D,U:D,F:D,L:D,and ES:D

4D Performance Tip:X Drive(X:D)

  • Weight:500grams

X:D (X Drive) features three Performance Tips, much like D:D, which are XF (Extreme Flat), a new Tip by the name of S²D (Stern Semi Defense) and S (Sharp), the Tips are quite tiny however.

X:D appears to be a hybrid of D:D and F:D/F:S. As the Tips follow patterns but do not always use the same; it can occur from XF, S²D, to S or S to S²D to XF, but this automatic change only takes place when Titanium is in Ultimate Balance Mode, since Attack Mode only allows for manual changes, similar to D:D. S²D only appears in Ultimate Balance Mode however. The XF on X:D is more like a XHF (Extreme Hole Flat). But you should know that most of X:Ds mode switches are unsuccessful.

As soon as it gets hit, it switches to the next Tip in X:D. For S, the bottom of X:D creates a small protrusion shaped like Sharp's Tip, but not of the same height. For S²D, the protrusion becomes smaller and appears circular, much like B or WB; even though S²D is meant to be SD's upgrade. Finally, for XF, the protrusion retracts inside X:D's bottom and now appears flat, used for XF's fast and aggressive movement. Also having the height of a 145, X:D regains balance fast, after each attack in sharp mode.

For Attack Mode, whose tip changes manually, people usually use the Sharp tip. The reason is because it can provide more stamina than that of XF, and also hit another beys easier because of its slower movement, instead of just moving around the stadium and stop spinning just after a short period of time. You may say sliding shoot can solve this problem, but it cannot as XF is too wide and the bey will just move around on the outer part of the stadium right after the sliding shoot, and also because of the heaviness of Titanium. We do not need to worry about the weaker Attack power of S since a number of videos and testings showed that Titanium Nemesis X:D gives Stadium Outs to other beys with the Sharp Mode only.

Although the S tip may easily loss balance and causes floor-scrapes, X:D has a funnel-like design and this design can help the bey remain spinning when it losses balance. X:D has a purple tip at the bottom that reveals the three aforementioned Performance Tips. It is a translucent blue/purple in colour.The X:D tip is made out of Titanium.

Performance Tip:Crushing Destruction (C:D)

  • Weight:500grams

The C:D performance tip is the best Tip in the world. It can switch into any tip in the whole world. But the colour of the tip is Black in colour. It outclasses X:D in Balance. When not in use, it has no tip, which means it is somewhat of a Hole Flat. But when launched, it's magical powers create a Random tip. When in battle it can switch to any tip b commanding it to.

4D Performance Tip:Eternal Drive

  • Weight:500grams

The tip is attached to the RRC of guardian in the middle for the steal spin. This 4D tip also changes its tip in the middle of a battle. There are 3 new tips in this. When the bey is launched it starts off in MMF (metal metal flat). As the name suggests, the bey is really difficult to control and predict its movement while in this tip.It also loses some of it's stamina. Then as Spin rotation becomes slow, the MMF at the bottom ejects in and The UDF(Ultimate Destruction Flat) comes out of the bottom. In the middle of the battle, it can be changed into WRF (Wide Rubber Flat) As the name suggests, this tip makes the bey crash the stadium wall so hard that it can bounce off and the the opposing bey in the center. This Tip is made of Titanium.

4D Performance Tip:Final Drive(F:D)

  • Weight:500grams

Final Drive (F:D) is one of the top 4D Performance Tips to be released. What is interesting about it, is that just like all 4D Performance Tips, it features a mode-changing gimmick. In battle, it will start act like SF, moving around slowly and conserving spin, but when spin rotation starts to decrease, the SF will eject at the bottom and will perform like RF with fast and aggressive movement.

When launched, centrifugal force causes the SF Tip to eject from the F:D. When the Bey starts to lose rotation, a mechanism will automatically "click" SF into F:D to switch from the plastic SF Tip to the rubber RF Tip that is wider than normal RF because it would hardly move after the stamina it lost. After the switch, Cosmic Pegasis moves wildly, most of the time circling around the other bey until stamina is lost.

As with the rest of Diamond Pegasis, F:D was a highly anticipated part to the metagame. Despite this, through testing, F:D did not feature much use in Attack. Although it's mode-changing mechanism was praised by the Beyblade community, F:D is only decent at best, with RF, R2F, LF, and LRF serving better. Contrary to this, F:D has found uses in Anti-Meta customizations to success.

Design-wise, F:D resembles a very, bulky, and heavy version of RF but with a small blue SF Tip at it's bottom.It is made of Titanium.

4D Performance Tip:Universal Drive(U:D)

  • Weight:500grams

The Universal Drive looks like the X:D 4D Performance Tip,except it is made out of the Cosmos,it can change into Attack-Type and Defense-Type.When the Bey spins.It will make a Galactic Force which make other Beys overwhelmed with power,the other Beys who fought with it will explode.The U:D can also switch into XF,SD tips.

4D Performance Tip:Lighting Drive(L:D)

  • Weight:500grams

The Lighting Drive 4D Performance Tip looks like the F:S tip.When it turns into SD it will cause lighting to the stadium.It will make the Bey circle around the Stadium in 1 second,because the Tip is made out of Lighting and Titanium.Sometimes this Tip will cause fire.

4D Performance Tip:Everlasting Spinning Drive(ES:D)

  • Weight:500grams

The Everlasting Spinning Drive 4D Tip looks like the B;D except it spins for 6 hours.It is known as the Everlasting Spinning tip.The tip is high as the 230 spin track.At the bottom of the tip its looks like a Wide Ball.It is made out of Gold and Excalibur.

Special Moves

In this Bey the special moves are divided into 8 groups,there are Zeus,Dragon,Pegasus.Ifraid,Reaper.Nemesis,Excalibur Knight and All Mode.

All Mode

  • Split Bey: When the owner said the ability,Ultimate Knight U:D will split into 7 Beys,they are Immortal Reaper C:D,Titanium Nemesis X:D,Excalibur Knight E:D,Universal Dragon L:D,Eternal Zeus ES:D,Rider Pegasus U:D,and Ultimate Ifraid F:D.
  • Full Blast: The Bey will charge at the opponent's Bey intensely,the chances to make the opponent's Bey "Stadium-Out" is very high.
  • Full Rage:Ultimate Knight U:D,will summon all the Bey spirits with in it and the spirits will be of full rage causing to desolate the opponent's Bey.

Nemesis Mode

  • Final Showdown: When Nemesis use this move,Ultimate Knight U:D will soar in the sky and then to space,afterwards the Bey will strike down intensely and colliding the opponenet's Bey.
  • Dark Attack:When Nemesis use this ability he will strike the Bey with Darkness causing the opponent's Bey to lose power.
  • Titanium Split:When the 4D Fusion Wheel Titanium splits they will connect with the 4D Fusion Wheel Knight,to capture the opponent's Bey and make it stop spinning.

Reaper Mode

  • REAPER COMMANDMENT: Reaper commandment is the Ultimate Special move in the world. It uses the Special moves of all the Galactic Bladers to Attack, Defend or Counter-Attack.
  • DIABOLIC DESTRUCTION: Reaper moves around the stadium in a circle and Destroys anything that comes in its way.
  • REAPER'S SCYTHE: Reaper's Scythe is a ability to summon the spirit from Ultimate Knight U:D,and will cut the Bey into half.and destroy the opponent's Bey spirit.

Excalibur Knight Mode

  • Sword Slash:When Knight use this ability,the Knight spirit will come out and cut the opponent's Bey spirit.
  • Knight Split:When used the 4D Fusion Wheel Knight will split into two wheels Kni and Ght,causing great damage to the opponent's Bey.
  • Knight Shine:Knight will shine in golden color and afterwards colliding with the opponent's Bey making it"Stadium-Out"

Pegasus Mode

  • DUAL DESTRUCTION SMASH: Pegasus escapes from the opponent and Hits the opponent very hard that it will cause Double Destruction force on it.
  • SKY RIDER: Pegasus Flies to the sky and comes down on the opponent's facebolt 30 times powerful as Cosmic Nova (BigBangPegasus's last special move). There is no possible way to escape even by Teleporting or Dodging
  • HEAVENLY CLOUD: Pegasus turns into Defense mode and Produces Great clouds on the stadium. The friction it creates makes the opponent to Spin-Out. There is no possible way to avoid it because the full stadium will be covered in Clouds.

Zeus Mode

  • LIGHTING STORM:Zeus will come out from the Bey and summons Storm Clouds with Lighting,causing to make the other Beys to get zapped and lose a quarter of their HP.
  • JUPITER FORCE:Zeus will summon Jupiter and causes the ither Beys to break apart because of Jupiter's gravity force.
  • LIGHTING STAFF:Zeus will come out from the Bey and will throw his Lighting Staff,causing the other Beys to split into half.

Ifraid Mode

  • Fire Sword:The Ifraid Beast will come out,he will take out his sword and makes the other Beys on fire,causing the other Beys,to melt slowly.
  • Sword Stab:Ifraid will come out from the Bey and use his sword to stab the opponent's Bey Facebolt,causing the opponent's Bey spirit to vanish forever.
  • The Ifraid Legend:Ifraid will turn into The Ifraid Legend,causing volcano eruptions,and makes the other Beys melt into ashes very fast.

Dragon Mode

  • Dragon Claw:Dragon will come out from the Bey and will use his claw to cut the opponent's Bey spirit.
  • Dragon Breath:Dragon will come out from this Bey and breathes out Acid and Magma to the opponent's Bey and the opponent's Bey will disinigrate into ashes.
  • Dragon Split:The Dragon Beast will split into 3 Dragons,the 3 Dragons will bite the opponent's Bey spirit,causing the opponent's Bey spirit to spill out blood.