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The Rivals of Eternity is a guild comprising members who want to be the rivals of the Bladers of Eternity.Though some of then may have similar elemental powers,but still,they are very powerful to give a powerful strike to them.Their head is Sun Blaze and after him stands his faithful friend Alex Dragneel.They also help the the bladers of Eternity in need.Currently,they have 6 guild members.

Blader Name Current Beyblade Element
Sun Blaze Blazing Core Dragon U:S Fire
Alex Dragneel Alpha Burning Dragon Knight X:S Fire
Gray Fullbester Machinery Pongal T:Z Machinery
Chao Havik Blackhole Herculeo A:S:D Darkness (Doom)
Toru Xedus Eternal Flare Draco E:F:D Time and Fire
Neron Destiny Striker D:DX Strength

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