Ray Striker Sym

Fury Striker (the evolution of Blaze Striker) the bey with the power of Blaze Striker. This bey is owned by Neron. Fury Striker is a an attack type bey. It all started when Nova Tempo was versing Neron Blaze Striker. When just then a Blaze Striker flashed sparkling in the air when his bey had changed into a bey which he called Fury Striker.Then Neron experienced a hidden strength. Harry's Blaze Striker had evolved into a hidden bey called Fury Striker. Neron held the hidden bey called Fury Striker.R

Facebolt: Striker

Level 2

The facebolt is just like the same facebolt picture of Blitz Striker has but the difference is it is a metal facebolt. The facebolt depicts the 88 constellations in space. 

 4D Energy ring

The energy ring is a basic energy ring. It is shaped in a tornado.It is a bit like Cyclone Herculeo's energy ring. Also as normal 4D beys this one can change modes if you turn the energy ring 180 degrees which allows it to have more attacking strength.

4D Fusion Wheel: Fury 

Its 4D fusion wheel is called Fury. It is circular with four short spikes going in a circular direction. Also the spikes don't go clockwise it goes anti-clockwise meaning that this bey too can spin left.

4D  Tip

The spin track is called E:A:D which stands for Extreme Attack Drive. As you know on Blaze Striker it's A:D meaning Attack drive because Blaze Striker had evolved the parts are upgraded. It has two swords which represents the horn of the unicorn. Also there are two semi circles which represents the head of the unicorn. The semi circles don't have the straight line at the bottom. Also the sword and semi circle could change modes.

Defense mode

Defense mode is when the two head and lightning swords combine with the 4D fusion wheel allowing it to have outstanding defense.

Attack mode 

Attack mode is when the two lightning swords and the head of the unicorn move to the bottom allowing it to have  allowing it to have great attack.

Launcher: Aerial Cutter 

Aerial Cutter is a good launcher for beys who are tryng to attack another bey through the air. It happens to be when a bey is being launched using this launcher the bey goes high up and coming down like a meteor. Also it is used by a string which makes it very fast and great launch.

Special Moves

​Aeriel Dash- This move lets the bey power up and then it dashes through everything there is in front smacking it as hard as it could.