Cyber Upgrade AT00 APT is the most powerful bey in the world. It can turn it's parts to anything from the opponent bey but it cannot change into it's beast. It was released on May 14 2012. It is owned by Cybo.

Facebolt: Upgrade

The Facebolt depicts "Upgrade" one of the infinite aliens in ben's omnitrix. It doesn't exist but there is a suit called the "Mechamorph Armor" created by Azmuth. The Facebolt has the Eye of upgrade and various green lines printed on a black FaceBolt.

Energy Ring: Upgrade

The Upgrade Energy Ring has no special features but it can transform into any energy ring that the bey is battling. It is a pitch black energy ring with Green lines to denote the body of Upgrade.

Fusion Wheel: Cyber

The Cyber Fusion wheel is just like all it's other parts. It can be changed into any other bey's parts. It is coloured Black and has Green lines just like it's energy ring.

Spin Track: Any Track 00

The AT00 Track is a great track. It can change into any height. It starts out in the lowest height (85) and continues until we change the track.

Performance Tip: Any Tip

The AT tip is much like AT00 but the difference here is that now it is a Performance tip. It also starts out in the first Metal Saga Tip (F) and continues until we tell it to change.

Special Moves

CYBER STRIKE: Upgrade come out of the bey and strikes the opponent bey really hard.

COUNTER CYBER STRIKE: Upgrade countes the opponent's special move with Cyber Strike.

ENERGY CANNON: Upgrade's eye on the facebolt begins to glow and energy comes out of it like lava.

CYBERLOCK: Upgrade comes out of the bey and wraps up the opponent in energy. There is no way to escape from it even by teleporting or breaking. It absorbs your energy until you spin out.