The CSV Stadium, with the illusion of the sun.

The CyberSpace Virtuality Stadium (or the CSV Stadium for short), is the most coolest, best stadium in the whole wide world. But it can only be used if a ref is totally fair and not Friend/Enemy to any of the bladers. It looks like a Normal Stadium, but once the beys are launched, the computer checks the spirit of the beys and pulls the bladers in the Virtual Computer World. In the VC World, anything, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, can happen. For example, a punching bag can hit a bey or in a blader's face. Not only a punching bag, but anything can happen in it like tornadoes, floods, sudden appearance of sand, water etc. etc. Some illusions like ghosts, devils and beasts can also appear. Sometimes, the illusion of Midnight will be there and sometimes, there may be Mornings

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