This are the Bladers who are joining at June 24th 2012 at 7:00pm (for Mayasia).The prize of the contest will be making you a Chat Mod.They suppose to be 8 Bladers in the contest.If you want a Team,discuss among your teamates and give the your team name to The Legend Bladers so he can register it for you.The max number for the team is 2 bladers


Blader Blader's Bey Team
The Legend Bladers Ultimate Knight U:D Team Ultra
MadokaLoveHeart Immortal Titanium Reaper CX:DD Team Ultra
ZeroBladeX Rider Pegasus F:D3 Team Galactic Bladers
WildFang44 Roar Leone 160 STB Team Galactic Bladers
GenBladeX WaveWind Aquarion A:D Team Techno
The TechnoBot Techno BlueBot D35 CG Team Techno
KyoyaBladeX Aqua Shark U:B Shadowing Bladers
EarthEagle2987 God Fighter U:D Shadowing Bladers

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